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Homeless Project Scotland is a fledgling charity, set up in October 2019 by a handful of volunteers that wanted to give homeless people on the streets of our towns and cities hot drinks and food during the harsh winter nights.

Initially we set out with backpacks of flasks and sandwiches walking the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh to ensure that anyone found struggling was able at least to get a hot drink and something to eat. Within a short period of time, we managed to recruit a team of volunteers who began to distribute a selection of food, essential toiletries and warm clothes.  We were fortunate to enlist the support from major companies such as Aldi, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Marks & Spencer, who have kindly donated supplies of food which we collect during the day and then distribute to homeless shelters throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and Lanarkshire in the evenings.

Recently we were generously given free use of a van from Arnold  Clark which has enabled us to increase our collections and deliveries. Within six months we also managed to buy and renovate an old trailer which we use to provide a Soup Kitchen in Glasgow city centre three nights a week. The Covid-19 crisis has forced us off the streets and we have adapted our services to continue to support the homeless and vulnerable by providing home-cooked meals prepared by our volunteers, which we deliver weekly to homeless projects around Glasgow and Lanarkshire. 2,500 Weekly.

A grant from Foundation Scotland has enabled us to set up a 24 hour telephone helpline. Cash for kids have provided funding  for food parcels, top up cards for utilities and mobile phones. We have also been able to provide mobile phones to the most vulnerable allowing them to access help and support services.  A grant from the William Grant Foundation has made it possible to purchase office equipment, enabling us to improve and expand our services to an ever increasing client base.

By July 2020 we have provided 2,500 meals weekly to the homeless and vulnerable. 

Our Soup Kitchen

We successfully crowd funded £1500 and we refurbished the old snack van trailer and transformed it into what it is today. It now provides hot food, sandwiches, tea, coffee, juice, hot chocolate, emergency packs to people in need. 

Before and After
Before and After view of exterior of our Soup Kitchen
Interior Before
Interior After

It was only through JustGiving donations that we were able to develop our SOUP KITCHEN.
We successfully crowd funded £1500. We refurbished an old snack van trailer and transformed it into what it is today. It now provides hot food, sandwiches, tea, coffee, juice, hot chocolate, emergency packs to people in need.

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Country Carpets is a family run business since 2004. Country Carpets has been the first choice for genuine deals on quality carpets and flooring for many hundreds of customers across Lanarkshire and beyond.
Country Carpets generously donated linoleum floor covering for our Soup Kitchen. 

Costcutter (Cadzow Bridge) have kindly donated a  boiler and water pump system for our soup kitchen worth over £500. They have also continued to support us with donations of pasta and food to help us continue our work. We have received continued. support form this company since we started in October 2019,

No matter where you are in Scotland. We will help you find an agency that can help in your area.



All donations, whether weekly, monthly or individual, allow us to assist relieving homelessness.

Volunteers from Homelessness Project Scotland


Volunteers are essential to our service. We welcome anyone to join us and make a difference.

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We are always interested to hear about your various fundraising schemes as well as our own.